Comedy loves misery.

You know how I keep saying “finally, over the illnesses?”

HAHAHA oh dear reader ( are there any of you?). Landed myself for a week in hospital when my gallbladder went “yeah, I’m sick of this gig.”

That sorted, and to the great credit of the hospitals and surgeons and all, I’m feeling pretty darn fantastic and energetic and well, sore.

Writing again, get back on that horse, and still on for Con Carolinas, and getting good feedback from my other books ( oh how I love that).

I had some lab techs giggling when they tried to draw blood ( I’m an impossible stick) and they were “wait, you write vampire novels and we can’t get any blood? There’s some irony in that.”


There’s a blog post coming soon, that someone asked for, on writing through life and adversity and simply getting the job done.

Now, I really hope with summer on the way, cold and flu season is gone and no other body parts go “kerblooey”.

I did wonder though, can you CT scan a vampire or would that just goo-ify them? I don’t know.

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