Post Ad-Astra

It went really well.

Next year we need to rent a car, slogging baby gear and my entire booth on transit was an ill-concieved plan. Whoops.

Didn’t really spend much time in the hotel room, but it was lovely. Went to three panels. Vended shiny stuff. Got a few people hopefully hooked on my books.

Panel 1: building a fan base. I was looking for new ideas, but by and large I’m doing mostly everything right, and not making any terrible errors. That’s reassuring.
Panel 2: editing: Not much “new” for me in this regard, after 4 books we’ve largely worked out the bugs and wish we could fully hire an editor. I do wish people could understand that this can run hundreds, thousands, and is simply out of the realm of most small/self/indie press. I wish it were possible. I’d give all the books the pro-go-over, but I promise if I ever sell millions, I’ll do just that. Until then we do the best we can. I was amused and annoyed by the woman who declared “I simply cannot ABIDE a single error in a book.” Well. That’s a nice thing to aspire to but I don’t think it’s ever really happened.
Panel 3 Finding an agent This was relatively useful, again in reassurances that I haven’t made catastrophic career moves, and by simply waiting and thinking and watching, and yes, even opting to not work with a possible editor-agent, ( this turned out to be the best rejection-but please resubmit ever, and I never pursued it and I am grateful now. It would have been disastrous. There was the “know your market/genre” as well. I don’t know what lends fantasy to be so oft “epic” but it always baffles me.

So basically I’m doing a lot of things right, and that’s a relief.

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