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Well, that is, the tiny sir of the house brought home yet another new flavor of virus that’s making the rounds across the city and it’s no mere cold, this one got both of us, and the husband person. And friends, though they didn’t get it from me.

but this isn’t the germery blog! I did sneak in some writing in the last 4 weeks. Working on:
1. a tale of a new character that Sascha and Asher come across in their travels together, and I think you’ll like her.
2. a modern tale of falling for the charms of immortals, who are of course, nowhere to be seen when the sun rises.
3. A tale of a mortal who REALLY would like to serve as source. Strange lad. Whyever would you want to do that?

So yeah, all three stories in various states of being, and just letting the next two books gel. I don’t actually feel pressure to get them started immediately.

And today, a friend tells me she and her group at college used Bound Lilies in a marketing presentation matching decadent desserts to books. Mine apparently warranted a “Taste of Lust” chocolate brownie.

So. I hope you guys get top marks.:D

And at least the wee wubba is fond of washing his hands, so hopefully we can stop this cycle of Ick. Kinda over that. 😀

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