just write thursday…again

Hanna coughed and paused. “I’m going to go get some water.” She hurried to the kitchen and looked unsteady on her feet. I worried as she left, she looked worse than this afternoon.
“Hanna, maybe you should go to the ER.” I called out, and waited. Silence. “Hanna?”
There was a crash from the kitchen. Startled, I ran to see what had happened.
Hanna lay on the floor, gasping for air. Broken shards of a ceramic mug lay around her, and her hand bled.
“Hanna! I’ll call 911.” I said, reaching for her phone on the floor next to her.
“No. Call Stefan. Or Asher. Or Anna.” She insisted, reaching for the phone.
“You’re bleeding and you can’t breathe. You’re turning blue.” I fought panic.
“Do it.”
I scrolled through the phone and found Asher listed and hit dial.
“Asher? I’m a friend of Hanna’s. She’s ill. She insisted I call.” I blurted, confused. How could they help?
“How sick?”
“Short of breath. Pale. Sweaty. She wasn’t well all day and now she just collapsed in her kitchen. I’ll call an ambulance.” I took another deep breath and looked over at Hanna, still gasping for air.
“I’ll be right over. Just keep her calm.” Asher replied. He cut the connection before I could say anything more.
“Asher said he’s on the way.” I said. Hanna struggled to sit up. “Is that blood going to bother them?” I pointed to the cut on her hand.
Hanna shook her head. “No. I’m so tired, Nolan. I’m so cold.”
I carried Hanna to the couch and pulled a blanket over her, as her breathing calmed, but still she gasped for air.
It wasn’t all that long before there was a knock at the door. I jumped, startled, and the door opened before I went to answer.
“It’s fine, Nol, they have access.” Hanna said, looking relieved as three people streamed into the room. I sat where I was, terrified.
“You, come with me.” One of them gestured, a tall pale white haired man with grey-blue eyes. I wanted to shrink into the chair, but as he looked at me, calm and assurance washed over me. I got up and obeyed.
“Let them tend to Hanna. I’m Asher. And you are new here.” He said, not accusing, only curious.
“Hanna’s classmate. Lab partner. Friend. I came by to drop off some notes and lunch and she passed out in the kitchen, I didn’t see it happen.She’s quite ill. It’s not your doing, is it?”
Asher shook his head. “What do you think it was that we do here?”
“She told me the truth, I think she did.”
“Come with us.” Asher gestured, keeping me at close reach as one of the others scooped Hanna into his arms and the third, a woman, followed, looking quite tense.
“That’s Stefan, and that’s Anna, the daytime medic. We’re taking her to get treatment. Stay by me. Do not wander.” Asher put a hand on my shoulder, and the force and pressure wasn’t painful but I could sense that he meant business. I nodded. Hanna lay limp, eyes closed, in Stefan’s arms.

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