Plagues on our houses!

If we could all three of us not come down with some variant plague for a bit….good grief. first my mom, then me and the boy, then husband.

Toronto International Book Fair folded, alas, just as I had paid my deposit for the table. This leaves book events scarce on the ground. Not sure what to do next.

I am still at Con Carolinas in Raleigh North Carolina in May. And I’ll almost always have books with me if you want signed copies wherever I go.

We’ll get them listed in the Kobo store soon too.

I just worked out the design for a ring for Stefan, one for Asher, two for Rachel, a piece for James, a lily pendant for Julia, a stunner of an armor piece for Isabel, who surely could have made use of it, and some companion pieces are in sketch and model form about my desk.

( ok can’t find the top of my desk some times).

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