here comes 2015

Again, radio silence as a particularly gnarly cold wiped me out for much of December, and some family crisis stuff, and a batch of day-jobbery events.

But! I have a new moleskine notebook for all my work notes and projects and orders and supplies, and scribbled designs and story ideas. I do have an ipad, but I prefer both ( gridded moleskin if you please, xlarge size)

Got my studio set up, some small new tools to make the work easier,and we spoiled the wee muppet lad a bit. He got a picture with Santa. He looks like he’s humoring us.

2015 is looking to be pretty wild-ride full of travel, adventure, creative work, some HUGE projects, a return to the west coast where this really all started and more airports than I’d really like to think about. Love flying, but airports are one of those things I either love or hate. ( Hong Kong: loved. Amsterdam: loved. Toronto: a suffering.)

So. 2014 was not bad. Pretty good. Here comes 2015.

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