Winter is here. brr.

I’m in the middle of a three- shows winter, one for the books done, one for my jewelery done, one more to go, and the tiny-man dragged home a cold which is bogging me down.

Winter’s here, except not so much snow. Unlike Isabel, I do not fondly think of winter, but the harsh winters here surely influenced the writing of her book. Ontario’s not so bad, Vancouver was alright but my Alberta and nova scotia winters were things of unending cold, -38c! Its said the vikings left the west coast because our winters were so bad. Can’t say i blame them. I suspect they legged off to Jamaica for a stopover and didn’t tell anyone. “uh, we got lost.”

I failed to notice that Stealing Sunlight wasn’t uploaded, and we’re getting on correcting that.

Letting the brain recharge for the next round of writing, once the last show is done.

added my jewelery vending events to the list, since more often than not, I do have copies of my books on hand. ( or I can, by request).

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