Well, well. A really fun weekend. I honestly enjoyed it far more than the cold, blustery dismal that was another earlier event this fall, with my books.

( the one where more wasps than people stopped by).

I got dressed up ( shocker, I know), did the gala thing, and saw some speakers, and got Anne Rice’s signature, yay. There was something of a mixup and in line for that, you could only get her new book personalized, and mine had gone astray, so R rushed off and got a new one, meanwhile I clutched my own copy of Interview, and waited. I’ve never actually owned a copy, because it was one of those books that in my high school years, got passed around.

Anyway. At my turn in line, I placed the books before her, and she personalized Interview. We were told that it was HER rule, but seeing as how she paid it no mind at all, I suspect it was the publisher trying to ramp sales of the new one.

But it was nice. Her assistant posted the pic on FB, of me, with S zonked in his stroller, getting my books signed.

Met some writerly associations people, and while I won’t join most of them ( I’d go broke on fees), I may take a closer look at a couple. My boothmates were a hilarious bunch, and we sold our work and got along fabulously so much so that we started talking next year.

I did get some writing done in the quiet lulls, and then decided I liked little of it so the entire tale gets a re-work.

TIBF: for its first year, not bad. Some hiccups, but I’ve definitely been to worse: badge snafus and terrible food options at the MTCC! and a saaad offering for the gala. The “snausages” provided by one of the sponsors was a testament to gackery in ultraprocessed meatlike tubes.

So now it’s two and a bit jewelery shows for this year, and next year’s events are stacking up.

And more books, but of course.


( later edit: a semi public issue, I’m less a fan of Rice now. Feh.)

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