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“How long have I been under, Ash? I’ve lost track of the nights.” I woke again, like surfacing from the depths of the ocean. I couldn’t move, due to the drugs, but I felt clarity, as the sedative effect faded.
“About eighteen days. They want to keep you under just a bit longer. Not much more.” Ash mind-spoke.
“Almost three weeks? You said it would be days. Let me go. Get Anna, now.” I struggled to move, but my body ignored the commands.
“We turned down the sedative, not the paralytic. Now we talk.” Ash said.
“That’s a jerk move, Asher. I’m trapped here,” I replied. “What else do you want me to say? What will get me out of here? You’re not a licenced therapist. You’re just a telepath.”
“I’m all we have. Though I guess Anna could bring in a therapist, if you’d rather talk to them. Just give it a try. I’ll do my best,” Asher replied, with infuriating calm.
“I don’t know what to tell you.” I replied.
“Start with something,” Asher said. “Anna, and I believe that there’s more to your blood-phobia. That you are on the run from your past as much as we were. You had nightmares at the old house. I could barely hold your terror back when they stitched up your leg. There’s more to the story and if we’re going to help you, I’d like to know without forcing my way into your mind. I honestly don’t know how to help you,” Ash said, sounding tired.
“Its my past and it’s better left behind.” I replied.
“Then why have your past brought here?” Asher asked and got up and walked to the door.
” Wait. I’ll talk tonight. Did you contact my friends or did Stefan veto it?’ I tried to shift on the bed, but the paralytics prevented me from moving and there was an itch on my leg that was distracting me beyond reason. Asher turned, and returned to my bedside and helped me get re-settled.
“I am contacting them when I go back to the suite for day. Anna and Tris will be here during the day.”
“You said you’d stay. But you need a shower, love.”

( the scene needs more fine tuning.)

Also wrote funny fb statuses, signed contracts, had someone do my awesome bio, wrote emails for other events, shows, and worked on edits sent from editor, while prepping the next batch of chapters for her red pen.

And got copies of Winterblood in print, so if you’d like one, ask. There was a small snafu in the print, the font’s a size too small so I’d like to rehome these before we order the properly formatted ones for TIBF.

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