my bio, written for me.:D

“Nico Murray writes mostly about modern vampires from a lovely, tiny flat in Toronto, Canada. She spends her “spare” time playing with fire, and metal on her postage-stamp-sized balcony, as well as chasing after a tiny, adorable monster-child named Stirling. Nico’s husband Richard assists her in baby-wrangling, book-editing, and sarcastic-comment-making.
She and her husband have also started their own small press, Lorem Books, because there just wasn’t enough to do in the first place. Nico is quite passionate about travel as well, and is determined to sell her wares, both books and jewelry, at as many conventions as is humanly possible without dropping dead of exhaustion. Somehow the Canadian government continues to let her come home, though she actively dislikes hockey and maple syrup. She is, in fact, fueled entirely by cupcakes, caffeine, and the occasional shot of vodka.”

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