insomniac ( and how did Bound Lilies come about?)

Someone just asked on FB. So hey. Can’t sleep sinuses will drown me.

Turning Night‘s the first book. That’s Sascha’s tale.
Technically, Stealing Sunlight follows right after.That’s Rachel and Asher’s story. Ok. With me still? Good.

Winterblood stands on its own in there. Hello! Just over here. Minding my own business.

And then…Bound Lilies. Um. It sort of follows Stealing Sunlight but it happened to leap out of my head way before that. But it does stand apart and you won’t be terribly spoiled or ruin things for reading it out of order. No one will punish you and gnash their teeth that you didn’t do as you were told.

What happened? I wrote the first chapter, certain in my mind that two characters if left to their own devices, got up to some merry mayhem and I wanted to just run with it to an extreme. It’s really racy. It’s a small condensed wallop of heat. And then other erotica hit the shelves, as I was finishing this. And I didn’t really like the tropes: naive lass, and dominant guiding her through things. I wanted someone who knew what she wanted, what she was in for, and a more nuanced, balanced, consensual portrayal of kink. ( nothing wrong with that at ALL, it’s more common than you’d think. So no judgement. Don’t ask where I researched, I won’t tell. Talk to people. Read things. Same as anything. )

I wanted something happy, not something that left me feeling unsettled at the end of it all, and it was written in around 2 months time compared to the year or so the novels take. I’m not really a description/action person, and I also didn’t get why a violent scene is more palatable than a sex scene.

And lo, there it was.

As for the novella/novel pairs? I dunno. Just happened once and then again and I kinda like that though I think I’ll be spacing them out, not concurrent in the future.

Because I’m no GRRM, and i would prefer to zip out new stories faster. They’re piling up in my head faster than I can honestly go. If I could download my head….

I’m contemplating book 5/6, and I think it’ll be fun. I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t. It was never about “getting my name on a book” but that I just had tales to tell.

Anyway. So there you go. I suppose at some point I should have planned it all out better but I really only considered 2 books!

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