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I missed PaperbackWriter’s Just Write Thursday (http://pbackwriter.blogspot.ca/) due to suddenly being stricken with some garden variety crud that nessecesitated naps and a doctors visit.

I have a completely full holding tank of ideas, though, and when I do JWT, I’ll post it here.

By the way, Paperbackwriter’s also got some amazing tips for Nanowrimo so I won’t bore my handful of readers by repeating them.

A bit of back story: I had picked up her first published novel in Vancouver, “Stardoc”. Basically I saw the cover, read the blurb and thought, ‘this could be interesting”. And lo, I was not mistaken. Coincidence led me somehow to a forum she occasionally hung out in cheering on us aspiring writers, and its there where I really got into the characterization and plotting and things started taking shape.

Over the years, she’s been an amazing and generous mentor and friend, and the fact I got the books into finished and edited and all, I have to give her thanks. ( She has a great tale of the rejections she racked up on her work before hitting the shelves)


I love technology, even when it doesn’t love me back. Turning Night was written in bits and starts over the years, re started, re worked, evolved. Only one scene really remained through all the changes ( the story of how he got vamped), and life got in the way a few times till i was in my little house in Haarlem, Netherlands, and the wifi went out and I wasn’t going to go down in the dark narrow dutch stairs to re set it. So I started writing. Sascha is very much Amsterdam for me, it’s where my heart is and I would love to go and STAY there.

I wrote as we travelled, lugging first the little HP netbook as it was croaking along on its last legs. I wrote on the plane to Hong Kong and while I didn’t really write in Beijing, I pulled inspiration I used for WInterblood,( you’ll see) and I’ll go back to that again. I wrote in Xian, borrowing an absolutely ancient power converter from the hotel that looked like it’d been lifted from some soviet space base. On to Shanghai, where I wrote, overlooking a city in perpetual hyper-flux, glowing highways on one side, and an old style neighborhood ( hutong) on the other, and I love shanghai, like london, for that complete crashing together of the old and the new.

I wrote sitting in the airline’s lounge in Hong Kong, watching morning fog cascade down the mountains that surrounded the airport.

I am a mental packrat of places I’ve been. And it goes into the books. I don’t suggest that you HAVE to travel extensively. Our opportunities came by chance ( won trips to Israel and China, and stayed with family in Amsterdam-Haarlem).

I went through several word processor programs and hardware things for Turning Night. The next three have all been on Storyist for iPad, and a zagg standalone keyboard ( the onscreen one does well when flying tho since the standalone’s bluetooth).

I wish it had a jump-to feature, and a few things but as a good clear barebones text editor, it’s lovely and simple, for the small sum they ask.( under 5 if I recall) There’s a mac version for the desktop too.

Now, I write while the little guy naps, or plays and lays waste to the house behind me. I’ve got my eye on him, the place is babyproofed to a modest extent) or when he’s in bed for the night.

Anyway. Long entry for friday.

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