Editing (and plotting) and planning.

Editing book 4. Got the cover, which we’ll reveal in time. Soon. Book 4 suffered heavily when I was pregnant. I had started work on it, got pregnant and then got really really sick with severe hyperemesis gravidarum. That is, relentless, vicious nausea. I couldn’t really sit up to even work at the computer and I finally set it all aside for about a year. So it’s terribly fragmented and in need of a lot of work but it’s getting there. Winterblood didn’t suffer as much because most of it was written before I got too sick to work.

( from here on out the ONLY babies are fictional ones. I’d rather inflict it on them, than me. And in the course of centuries and the like, well, it’s a plot point for books 5/6. I just haven’t decided who.)

Ok. So Word on the Street: Day started with torrential downpour but by the time I got to my spot, it was blue skies. Alas, the way the festival tents are set up, the side I was on suffered from a total lack of traffic. It wasn’t just me, but the space next to me was unoccupied and it just didn’t draw people to the booths along that side of the row. We’re going to have to reconsider if we do this again. I don’t know.

Books 5 and 6, another novella, novel pair. This time I might try to space them out so they’re not released concurrently. So, on the egging on of my friend
, I’m going to try to pull off Nanowrimo.

November is Toronto International Book Fair and on the spur of the moment I submitted two proposals to speak at the “Hub” where my booth is, one to promote the books, and one to talk writing shop. I think I said for time requirements “I can talk for about 15 minutes without making a fool of myself.

I’m working with an editor friend, and we’ll go back in and mop up Turning Night once we’re done with the new book.

And stuff like finding an agent, and looking at expanding our publishing empire with other writers, since we have cover artists and an ability to format and get books done.

Some other events in the long distant horizon, so just waiting to see where everything lands.

Winterblood is in print, soon, too. We are just awaiting a box from the printers.

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