Applied for some events in 2015 and just waiting….*fingers crossed*. one could be ridiculously fun with a fellow indie author friend. Vampires and zombies ( her thing).

Pressure is on to finish book 4. Stuck on some plot changes and my editor soldiers on, making things that much better. We are cleaning up Turning Night too. It’s good, but we can now make it better. I will fed ex her a jumbo box of dill pickle chips and treats soon.:D That was the deal, she gets the editing credit for her resume, and dill pickle chips. I forsee a good working relationship.

Its hard to read sometimes, the comments, they sting, and then you go “oh,well, yeah. Maybe that’s right. Ok.” I don’t tend to take criticism too personally, unless you’re that illfated writers group that mockingly savaged my work because wow, they don’t do genre fiction.

Cleaning up my office space I turfed all the copies they’d written on, but I should maybe have saved the grand horrible sketch of a vampire one guy did. I could use a writing group but I’m wary now. I should probably go back and see what they’re up to.

Once the small dictatorboy is in bed, I write.

I’m in a bit of a slump, and I’m going to just have to mow through.

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