time mismanagement and toddlers

“I have only one question: What do you eat for breakfast, and where can I buy some? ”

A writer friend of mine asks.

Between toddler and jewelery work and writing…..how do I make it work? I don’t exactly know. My day starts around 830 am, get up, chill with the little dude while he eats breakfast and I start listing or finishing jewelery work. Then he’s down for a nap, so I use that time for phone calls or work or sometimes a nap too.

After the nap, off to get errands done, ( groceries, jewelery supply or get out of the house) or we’re off to the drop in playroom, or museum, art gallery or aquarium so he can get some of his yaya’s out. ( yaya is the name we use for that near inexhaustible toddler energy.)

Then home, and he sometimes naps,( sometimes I do) or I get another bit of work time, sometimes editing, sometimes jewelery.

my partner comes home and it’s somehow dishes, cleaning, dog walk and once the muppet’s down for the night, I switch fully to writing.

The schedule flexes somewhat depending on weather/energy/toddler mood, and I’m kinda sailing the 2 venti brewed cups of coffee a day to keep things going.

How do I do it? Little procrastination, working efficiently, multitasking some days like a boss. Some days, though, nothing gets done, some days lots gets done.

Writing time: some days 10 words is the goal for the day. I try to budget writing time for 5/7 days so it gives me wiggle room when things go pear shaped.

How do I do it? Just knuckling down and getting things done when I have the moments to do so.

I need to get the 4th book handed over to formatting by mid oct at the latest so no lie, there’s some serious pressure looming. And finishing uploading a ton of new stock to the web store while trying to set up my jewelery bench space. At least we got the torch working, which comes with the very wise words

“if explosion occurs, don’t panic.”

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