Word on The Street, Winterblood in print

Just what it says on the box.

Word on The Street Toronto, We’re booth FB 8 ( that is fringe beat), sept 23rd, sunday. 11-6pm and its free.

We may or may not have Winterblood in print, we just sent it last night and I’m hoping the postal fairies do their job with an unusual quickness.

And working on book 4, and we’re going to give Turning Night a de-typoing as well. Yeah. its bugged me since it appeared. And how did we try. We edited in shifts for a week and still, typos.

And I’ve eaten all the dill pickle chips my editor wanted. Horrible accident. They fell into my mouth. I guess I have to get more. ( its cold, its canada, I swear I eat more in winter to avoid freezing. I might be trying to hibernate. How could it have been sweltering Atlanta only two weeks ago? Sigh.)

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