Next up:

Hit the ground running after Dragoncon.

Working on a bit of studio reorganization, and bringing a new bench and equipment. So writing is…disrupted this next week or so as I try to find my way around the mess.

Next book event: Word On the Street Toronto. We’re in the “fringe beat” section, booth FB 8. At least not off on a side street behind food trucks this year!

After that, it’s the Toronto International Book Fair in November, where the second novel, “Stealing Sunlight” SHOULD be done and sitting at the booth and ready to pick up.

I’ve got a couple other coconuts in the air re: events as a writer or jeweler, and we’re just waiting to see where it all lands.

Lots of things I want to do, find an agent, get some stuff published, short story wise, and maybe novella in other things and a long lost sci fi draft might some day see the light. But primarily, it’s my vampire crew and I, and we have more adventures planned, and unplanned.

I mean…Asher was an un named one scene walk on, walk off and now look. Not in the plan. Isabel: same. I swear they do the talking and I’m along for the ride.

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