The Sound of Writing

Posting for a friend, and the last post before we bolt off to Dragoncon for 4 days of mayhem and costumes and friends.

I wrote most of Winterblood and Stealing Sunlight, to a small group of albums. They also happened to be my favorite at the bench.

Currently invading my earspace when I get to work and the house is asleep( headphones so i don’t wake the baby!):

Seabound: Their entire catalog. Every single sweet note. I like one of the songs so much, that it got listened to on repeat so many times, that part of the song is going to get punched into a cuff for myself, alone. There were quite a few songs that hit my “replay x 100” list, and they just put out a new album. I will cue this up for most of my writing, but much of it makes me think Sascha.

Ghost and Writer: which is a side project from the singer for Seabound and it’s different, darker, more noir and THAT project folded, but it was music that wouldn’t be the least bit out of place in old black and white films. This is Asher and Isabel.

Edge of Dawn: YET ANOTHER side project from Seabound’s singer. I guess I’ll come clean and confess I just really like his lyrics and voice. Dead rotten sucker I am. But this stuff is more…red light district and seedy bars and dramatic. I wrote much of Bound Lilies to this, and Julia and James come to mind.

Oh, and then there’s Radioactivists, again a new side project and so far I’m in love with that too and good grief the man gets around.

SO in the non-frank-spinath vein, hahaha, there’s Covenant, and Seeming, and Placebo,Auxiliar Channel, ( which always makes me think of James).

So that inspires me. I can plug in, and disappear into the words for hours. Well, maybe an hour while the baby naps! I write late at night after he’s gone to bed.

All of em: itunes. Well not Auxiliar Channel, yet….

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