Juggling act

We will have the e-book of Winterblood ready for Dragoncon 2014. I don’t know about print, if we do, it’ll be “author copies” which probably won’t look as pretty. I was kind of gut-sick about that, and then realized we’ve just done all we can and the formatting for the print version is fighting us tooth and nail.

Sometimes you do all you can, and have to concede defeat. The book will be ready, when it’s ready.

Just fired off the contract and stuff for the Toronto International Book Fair, and I’ll be sharing a booth with two other indie authors.

I have the Word on the Street Festival in September, and a craft/jewelery event in October and juggling this author/goldsmith/parent trio of hats is just a bit stressful and challenging right now.

And then there’s the poor novel number 2, which has art and title on the way “Stealing Sunlight”, and it just needs some massive work and I hope to get that done for TIBF.

Thing is, “they” say write every day, write no matter what. I say “write…5 days of the week at least. Then you have 2 days where you can play catch up, or have room to wiggle when life decides its more important than words.”

It’s a little pressure valve. I have short stories on my desk and fragments of tales and ideas bubbling up from the muck, and it feels like so little time to get it all done.

So back to the salt mines. The word mines. The metal mines. I did take the day off yesterday and took the Small Boy to the museum, and out for a swanky dessert with a friend and it was just what we needed.

Onward, right?

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