Free. For a limited time.

We’ve made the first two books free, for a limited time. Because…we can. We as in, me, the writer and him, the tech guy husband person who makes this all work.

So go forth and enjoy, the “freebie” time will close around mid-september. Alternately if you do prefer to pay, we won’t stop you, and we’ll appreciate it.(I will, it funds my caffeine habit, um..)

There are brief moments where I think “Self, if you went traditional, you wouldn’t have to deal with marketing, and formatting and wrangling cover art and… and…” and then Self replies “Yeah, true. But you’d get art you might not like, and you’d have less control.”

Here’s the sneaky truth, I am something of a control freak, and annoyed by arbitrary rules and “that’s the way it’s always done.” I am terrible with rules. Give me one that I see as absurd and I will obsessively poke at it to find a weakness.

So, yeah. Book 3. How’d that happen? And can we do it again? Oh yes.

( going to rope some willing friends into doing some stock pose photos for future covers because seriously, make my life easier, yo.)

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