two reviews for Bound Lilies.

Due to the nature of the book, they prefer to be anonymous but they are actual feedback from readers.

Nico’s vampires are deliciously sensual. This book was SO sexy and so delicious, that I literally could not wait until my husband got home. Literally LITERALLY could not wait. Hot and bothered? OHYES. I’m definitely hoping the next novella is as steamy.

The work of Nico Murray is a wonderful and refreshing. One should not begin to compare her books to the horribly written books such as 50 Shades and other such vampire novels and novellas.
If your going to read any book in your life time these are a must.

Work on the next two books is progressing steadily. I write while the small boy sleeps. Today, we picked up a Dracula counting book for him. Its counting, based on the book “Dracula.” 4 coffins, 5 heros, 8 bats. 3 maidens. Its ridiculously cute.

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