A note on editing!

We’re human. We’re imperfect.

We ( the husband person) and I, and fiends and friends did our best to catch all the typos and edits in what had to be the most frantic session of editing running almost 2 weeks, 18 hrs a day, leading up to the day we ABSOLUTELY had to send it to print.

I’d written it on my comp, then in formatting we lost swaths of it. Seriously. Turning Night was written on a dying netbook, then an ipad in I think two programs, THEN bounced to R’s computer and Bound Lilies was Ipad-to R’s computer and therefore suffered far less for its transition. Lesson learned ( ps: storyist for ipad, I lurve you.)

I did find one page that seemed to miss the dragnet entirely. Stuff spellcheck missed, and while I don’t rely on it, it doesn’t parse to/too, in/inn AT All.

And when you’re editing till your eyes go dry…we missed a few things. I argggh! every time i catch them. And I am. We’ll eventually just have to upload a fresh version at some point, but rest assured, the typos were not lazy or we didn’t care.

We simply fried our heads. I wish I could afford pro services, but unless I sell enough that someone starts talking movie casting, well, we’ll do better next round for sure.

But I love you and I don’t want people to think we inflicted typos out of cruelty!

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