a sporadic update

The days and nights ( the characters insist I say that) are whipping by at such speeds. Almost half way through my first semester of my second and last year of goldsmithing. I love my day job.

And I love my night job. The sequels are going well, I definitely found the groove for both, but there’s certain to be some rewriting once the blunt first draft’s done. Make it the work I want it to be.

Love the novella with Isabel and her lover, and while it won’t likely be as extreme as Julia, it’ll still have the red Lorem imprint we created, and Asher, for the novel, is a whole other creature to get to know after how long I spent with Sascha as the main in my head.

But its unrolling well and any fears that I couldn’t possibly do it again are unfounded.

Reviews from friends and other sites are starting to trickle in and as soon as I get links…I know not everyone’s going to love it, that’s fine, but so far so good. There’s books I don’t like, but everyone else does. It all works in the end, right?

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