Mixed Media

So in some fit of too much coffee, I’ve started sketches of jewelery inspired by the characters/themes, and I’ve actually started making this. It’ll be a portfolio of work for end of year when I graduate, and for a huge conference. Its not required, just something I was inspired to.

Got a stash of silver, garnets, onyx and hematite, too. A ring for Rachel, the lily pendant! ( oo!) and cuff that is so very James is in progress.

And the sequels are trucking along nicely now. I’m walking the tightrope with classwork, writing and portfolio, but I’m not going to look down, ok?

Introduced a new character in the second novella. Oh, he’s fun. And getting insight into other characters too. Feedback on the novella’s still “Oh. my. erm. Yum.”

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