Word On The Street

We just got back from an afternoon at Toronto’s Word on The Street. Makes my wee black heart happy to see people big on reading and books, big on indie work. Its all lovely.

Picked up a chapbook from one booth and a novel from another. ( both of the bitey sort, because thats how I roll). And since I’ve not read any books but my own for a year and a half, I’m actually quite looking forward to reading something ELSE for a change.

Oh. And there were cupcakes. Mmm. We discussed logistics of the second novel’s location/plot and stuff on the way home, too.

So now I think I’ll go read a book, and then get some work done here. I have to get some design stuff done, a wax model marked for carving, and laundry. ( studio work is so messy.) And another slog at the sequels, because while June’s far away, its not THAT far either.

Both books are well into the first-second chapter and starting to find their mojo. I’m quite happy. There is always a moment of “can I do this all again?” yep. Sure can.

Maybe next year we’ll have a booth at WOTS. Should. Next year’s looking pretty busy already. awesome.

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