Book Rec Monday: jewelery history.

For jewelery history:   This is the one I used in college and while the pictures aren’t fantastic, it’s inexpensive and a moderately easy read. I’m eyeing another book to … Continue Reading →

Post Con Wrap Up 2016

After seven years of vending, in the sprawl of the AmericasMart, I dropped that for several business and creative reasons ( dropping sales and wanting to focus more on high … Continue Reading →

updates soon

Just unpacked, just got home late last night, and will have some notes and book reqs from the panels. Laundry, and taking small man to his pre-k for the morning, … Continue Reading →

Dragoncon 2016

My tenth dragoncon. I went from being a street team member for a band, to a vendor for 7 years, to this, a published author and goldsmith. Its been a … Continue Reading →

Conventions, schedules

I am attending Libertycon next year, July 2017, so more on that in time. Dragoncon looms, and suddenly my schedule exploded with me on panels and in the parade with … Continue Reading →

A midsummer’s writer’s lament

There’s never enough AC. And my balcony garden completely fried in the relentless heat. I long for some crashing thunderstorms and torrential rain, but while the first year here had … Continue Reading →


“Our Blood Like Rain” to Blood in the Rain 2 ( a vampire erotica anthology). To say I’m beyond happy is an understatement, and I’m absurdly excited for this one. … Continue Reading →

The state of the workload

Today I’m updating my submission package for the Nightshift series, and getting around to plotting out the full word-count boost. So currently projects circling the ether: Nightshift expansion and edit. … Continue Reading →

Four Airports

I’m back home, from ConCarolinas and NYC. From “south” ( ish?) to the biggest city. I sure got my miles in. First off. ConCarolinas. Unlike last year with lost luggage … Continue Reading →

Crud-free Living! ( and Con prep)

Well, after an ER visit and a course of antibiotics, the Small Man is now back on the rampage. One crisis managed. Prepping for ConCarolinas and I started to come … Continue Reading →