Is it March already?

Indeed, yes it is! Writing for a few anthologies, and mowing along on the 1k a day challenge. The new year started off with me recovering from two rounds of … Continue Reading →

Updated book links!

Ms. “Detail Oriented” here missed updating that list of links. That’s fixed now, under “buy books elsewhere.” As well, some modest price drops, yes indeed, what a thing, to see … Continue Reading →

Over The Night Horizon live in print, ebook is…soon. Kindle is taking its time. I have no idea why. Price drops to come to a couple of print titles. just hang on. ( … Continue Reading →


2017 Writing: Edit/re writes to Turning Night/Stealing Sunlight Edits to Bound Lilies, Winterblood. Expand Nightshift,50k more, write next two sequels: 70k each, Asher Historical Bound lilies 2 Modern Day current … Continue Reading →

New book update:

Over The Night Horizon is just working its way through a final print check and then it’s up and running. I wanted it done for earlier in December but I … Continue Reading →

How to Write a Book.

I’m looking for full time work, since author-hood isn’t really ever a path to the big time ( I’m sorry if you were hoping it to be so) but I … Continue Reading →

Year end soon! New book soon!

Over the Night Horizon is almost done, and soon on the ebook shelf and amazon. Just finishing editing and formatting. I’m super proud of this one. 2016 is shuffling to … Continue Reading →

Blood In The Rain 2

It’s alive. Grab your favorite ghoul boy or goblin girl ( or whatever permutation suits your likes), snuggle in and read some racy vampire tales while the cold halloween winds … Continue Reading →

The plan for 2017 and beyond

Fired out a few resumes. This writer needs paid work. I like writing. I seem to do a lot of it. I’m told I do it well. Pacing now just … Continue Reading →

Summer’s over!

Seriously happy to see the tail end of the oppressive humidity( which I can handle) and the wasps ( which I am absolutely terrified of). The wasps are hanging on, … Continue Reading →