Dragoncon 2016

My tenth dragoncon. I went from being a street team member for a band, to a vendor for 7 years, to this, a published author and goldsmith. Its been a … Continue Reading →

Conventions, schedules

I am attending Libertycon next year, July 2017, so more on that in time. Dragoncon looms, and suddenly my schedule exploded with me on panels and in the parade with … Continue Reading →

A midsummer’s writer’s lament

There’s never enough AC. And my balcony garden completely fried in the relentless heat. I long for some crashing thunderstorms and torrential rain, but while the first year here had … Continue Reading →


“Our Blood Like Rain” to Blood in the Rain 2 ( a vampire erotica anthology). To say I’m beyond happy is an understatement, and I’m absurdly excited for this one. … Continue Reading →

The state of the workload

Today I’m updating my submission package for the Nightshift series, and getting around to plotting out the full word-count boost. So currently projects circling the ether: Nightshift expansion and edit. … Continue Reading →

Four Airports

I’m back home, from ConCarolinas and NYC. From “south” ( ish?) to the biggest city. I sure got my miles in. First off. ConCarolinas. Unlike last year with lost luggage … Continue Reading →

Crud-free Living! ( and Con prep)

Well, after an ER visit and a course of antibiotics, the Small Man is now back on the rampage. One crisis managed. Prepping for ConCarolinas and I started to come … Continue Reading →

The Crud

Working on a deadline for an article and its eaten up a lot of time. Then got sick. Then the wonderkid got sick. Bundled him off to the ER, and … Continue Reading →

a good review

Part of a “read indie” on twitter, a fellow author gave me a rocking review. ( all honest). I will try to do 6-8 indies a year, so I started … Continue Reading →

May Already?

Seriously, 2016 is rolling by. Edits crawl along on Turning Night and the second half of 2016 will be my massive rewrite on Stealing Sunlight, with help of Editor Nonny. … Continue Reading →